OSCAP - Outraged South African Citizens Against Rhino Poaching

Patrons & Sponsors

OSCAP Patron – Mark Knopfler

We are very proud to have world renown musician Mark Knopfler as OSCAP’s patron.  

Mark has a deep seated passion for wildlife and during his visits to South Africa has had the privilege of being up close and personal with these majestic animals at Ant’s Nest in the Waterberg area and is committed to the fight to save them from extinction.




Tracker Dog Project:  

Sponsors:  NutriScience Dog Food

OSCAP has donated trained tracker dogs to private rhino owners around the country and continually has dogNutriScience kindly donates dog food to the OSCAP Tracker Dog Project.s in training to supply the ever increasing demand.  Clinton Cilliers is our trainer and we thank him for his constant support and his incredible knowledge when it comes to tracking.



Rhino Orphanage – Rhino Ambulance Project:

Sponsors:  Practical Publishing / CMA / Arnold Chatz Cars / Platinum Trailers / Intamarket

http://www.practicalpublishing.co.za/ ,  http://www.intamarket.co.za/

Practical Publishing designed and implemented the branding on the Rhino Orphanage Ambulance that was sponsored by CMA .  Others involved in this project include Platinum Trailers from Thabazimbi who also manufactured and sponsored a transportation box for baby rhinos and the box comes with it’s own breakneck trailer.  Intamarket were kind enough to sponsor the branding of the trailers.

An additional trailer for the Rhino Response Project was kindly donated by Arnold Chatz Cars in Craighall.


Camera Trap Project:

Trappers, Pietermariztburg

Trappers kindly assisted OSCAP in supplying us with camera traps that are donated to private rhino owners at excellent prices.  Thank you.

OSCAP has donated cameras to Thula Thula, Kragga Kama, Madikwe and other private rhinos owners.


Horn Treatments:

Oscap has sponsored numerous horn treatments on private reserves around the country.  The horn treatments are done by Lorinda Hern of Rhino Rescue Project



 The Waterberg Project:
OSCAP initiated the set up of the Waterberg Project – the getting together of rhino owners and other farmers in the area to set up a Rhino centric project to ensure the safety of all rhinos and wildlife in the Waterberg area.


 APU Equipment:

Various items of equipment including bullet proof vests, tents, camouflage uniforms etc have been donated to Anti-poaching units across South Africa.


Education & Awareness:

We have sponsored hundreds of Bongi’s Quest books which are distributed to communities surrounding the reserves in South Africa.

OSCAP has set up stands at numerous festivals country wide spreading the word about the catastrophic poaching problem in South Africa and is a member of the Species Survival Network which has over 300 international scientists,  conservationists etc as members and is a conduit of information not only locally but also in the international NGO arena.

OSCAP is also in negotiations with other range state countries with the intention of moving rhinos to safer environments under different custodial agreements.


Other sponsors and thanks for their ongoing support go to the following people:

Si-lest Studio – Celeste Gomes – Thank you Celeste for your constant support with brochure design and with the website.  http://www.si-lest.com

Ciske Kruger – our fb design artist :)  Thank you

 Auditors and Legal Represenation:

Thank you to Price Waterhouse Cooper who are our auditors and lawyers, Edelstein & Bosman who both do their work for us pro bono :)  http://www.pwc.co.za/en/index.jhtml and http://www.edelbos.co.za/portfolio/

Heather Alberts – our bookkeepper – thank you for your hours of work xx

Maja & Jan Oesterhof of Leapord Leap Lodge for accommodating us during the Watereberg festival.  http://www.leopardleap.co.za/

Tanya West and her extraordinarily talented chef husband of Le Tournesol for hosting a wonder Dancing for Rhinos Dinner.

Richard Symonds – who is a brilliant Wildlife artist and has done some incredible artwork for the cause.  www.richardsymonds.com