OSCAP - Outraged South African Citizens Against Rhino Poaching



The Rhino Orphanage is situated in the Limpopo Province and is run by Karen Trendler.  She is a specialist rhino rehabilitation specialist and takes in babies countrywide that are left orphaned during poaching incidents.  As is a well known fact we are experiencing one of the worst poaching scourges at the moment in South Africa and Karen is finding it increasingly difficult to operate without all the necessary equipment.  The baby that she has just taken in from a poaching incident that happened in Limpopo this week is less than 2 months old and received 18 panga and axe wounds.  It is a disgrace and we have chosen to assist Karen as these babies are the future rhino population and the more we can save the better chance we have of saving them from extinction.  She does incredible work and we highly value the work that she is doing.

She often gets called out late at night to poaching incidents where babies , some of whom have been sitting alongside their dead mothers for days without sustenance and are dehydrated and often injured themselves. In order to save these babies, time is of the essence and trying to arrange transportation for these babies each time a call comes in for help has become a logistical nightmare for her.  What she wants is to have a trailer (either a wildlife relocation trailer as shown in the picture attached) or a horse box in each high risk province so that the babies can be picked up as soon as they are located and given the intensive care that they require.

We have already managed to secure the donation of one horsebox and we are looking to purchase 3 wildlife relocation trailers and a crate for the very small babies.  We are also looking to the large automobile companies to assist in possibly donating vehicles to tow these trailers.  The trailers cost in the vincinity of R35 500 each and we have managed to raise enough money already to purchase 1 trailer.

We are well aware that times are tough and that many companies and individuals are doing what they can to assist the rhino poaching situation.  Any assistance that your company can manage to assist would be greatly appreciated. Obviously there is also the opportunity of corporate branding on the trailers and vehicles.

Any size donation is always most welcome and much appreciated.  Thank you xx Allison Thomson

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you can do a direct payment into our bank account via EFT:

First National Bank
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