OSCAP - Outraged South African Citizens Against Rhino Poaching

Susie Watts

OSCAP Rhino Conference 2014

Day 1:

Susie Watts, Humane Society International

Susie Watts has worked in international wildlife conservation for more than twenty-five years.

She grew up in west and east Africa, where she developed her life-long desire to protect wildlife species in their natural habitat, and a belief that people and wildlife can live alongside each other to their mutual benefit.

After obtaining a Masters degree in Britain, Susie began working as a volunteer for various wildlife organisations and this eventually led to full-time work as a campaigner and investigator.

During the past two decades, she has focused on working to protect wildlife species from over-exploitation through international trade. Through Conventions such as CITES and CMS, she has worked on numerous issues relating to international wildlife policy. She has also worked on domestic wildlife trade regulations in a number of countries and on consumer education campaigns in east Asia.

Susie has documented the shark fin trade in India, Latin America, west and east Africa and has campaigned in numerous countries, as well as through the UN General Assembly, for an end to the practice of shark finning.

As well as campaigning, Susie has specialised in undercover investigations, which she has conducted in over 20 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.