OSCAP - Outraged South African Citizens Against Rhino Poaching

What can you do?

What Can YOU Do ?

Regularly email or fax our President Cyril Ramaphosa – even if all you say is “Please Save Our Rhino”

President Ramaphosa’s Contact Details

or you can write to

The President
Union Buildings
Private Bag
Pretoria, 0001

What else you can do
  • Participate in RHINO FRIDAYS by wearing your ‘Save The Rhino’ type T-shirt and then talking to folk about it
  • Share and forward any emails or newspaper articles that you come across with everyone you know. The more people that are talking about it, the more people are the doing something about it the more chances there are that the power that be will do MORE than they are  to save our rhino
  • Whenever you or your family and friends participate in a sporting even ie fun runs/walks, cycling events, triathlons etc Call yourselves Team RHINO, wear rhino T-shirts have a rhino mascot!
  • Get your class or school to make Friday’s RHINO FRIDAYS and get all your class mates to send a postcard to President Ramaphosa
  • Encourage your school and or social group, art group whatever to start project like making a life sized rhino out of papier-mâché /wire whatever. Possibly in conjunction with a prominent business, your local radio station etc. Have the rhino on display outside your school, out front of a highly visible shopping cente ( with their permission)

TALK about it – SHARE about it – WRITE about it – DO something about it.